First Contact Conventions - Under Cardassian Occupation

Their second event! This time the guests were Marc Alaimo (Gul Dukat, Deep Space 9) and Mike DeMeritt (Assistant Director on Enterprise and Star Trek Voyager).

The one day event included photos with the guests, a fabulous auction, including some exclusive items auctioned for charity, presentations from Marc and Mike, cocktails in the evening, and a lunch with Mike where he talked about the art of Directing.

There was also a wine tour in the Yarra Valley on the Saturday before the convention.

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The Saturday Wine tour

On Saturday 5th Feb, First Contact Conventions conducted an exclusive wine tour with their guests to the Yarra Valley. A small group of people passed the day with good wine and better company!

If you want to be involved in something like this in the future, make sure you keep an eye on their website: website

I wasn't able to go to this, so these photos are from Scotty's camera. There are only a few photos, and I'll need those who attended to tell me what the photos all mean!!

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The Convention

The photos here include the Sunday convention, the auctions, and the presentations given by Marc Alaimo and Mike Demeritt.

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Cocktail Party

The day is almost over, and its time to kick back and relax with friends and our guests!

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Official Guest Photos

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