Oz Trek VII

With guests: Walter Koneig ( Star Trek Original, Babylon 5) and Chase Masterson (Leeta, ST DS9)

Please note that Official Photos with the Guests from this event can be found on the Castle Photography website.

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VIP Cocktail party

Our usual VIP function - with Chase Masterson singing!! What more do you want - and why weren't you there!!??

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The Convention - Chase Masterson

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The Convention - Walter Koneig

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Official Guest Photos

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Winery Tour - the following weekend

Chase decided to spend some extra time in Australia - and returned to Melbourne. The purpose of the day was to donate some money to her charity. Unfortunately she had to rush home for a family emergency, and was unable to attend.

Since everything was already arranged - most of us decided to hang out for the day and do the tour anyhow.

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