OzTrek V

With guests: Avery Brooks (Captain Sisko, DS9) and Garrett Wang (Ensign Kim, ST Voyager), and Jonathan Frakes via Skype!

Please note that Official Photos with the Guests from this event can be found on the Castle Photography website.

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The Convention

The day went like any other one day event, with competitions, prizes, the auction, and general goofyness by Scotty and Locky on stage!

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VIP Cocktail Party

Want to really enjoy the event? Go VIP. The Cocktail party is just the start of the extra benefits… We try not to annoy everyone with the camera - all the better to have a relaxing atmosphere where the guests walk themselves around the room chatting with everyone.

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We Skype with Jonathan Frakes!

As you know, Jonathan Frakes was scheduled to appear, but had to cancel due to schedule changes in his Directing work. However he was happy to spend a typical Q&A hour with us via Skype. And of course he is still interested in coming out in person!

Quirky fact - look at Jonathan and then where Scotty is standing - Jonathan follows him… spooky.

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Garrett Wang

Garrett Wang (Ensign Kim, Star Trek Voyager)

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Avery Brooks

Avery Brooks (Captain Sisko, Star Trek Deep Space 9 - my personal favourite Trek!)

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