OzTrek IV

First Contact Conventions presents: OzTrek IV With guests Brent Spiner (Data: Star Trek TNG), Halli Todd (Lal, Star Trek TNG) and Ethan Phillips (Nelixi: Star Trek Voyager)

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The Convention

There are snaps here of the guests as we were introduced to them in the morning, some general shots through the day, and one lass who had the best costume!!

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The VIP Cocktail Party

The VIP experience at First Contact Conventions includes a number of special things - most notably a chance to relax with our guests over cocktails and finger food (with a cash bar). VIPs also get lunch provded during the convention and a green room to store their belongings, and of course various included photos and autographs.

Check the details on the website for the specific inclusions at each event. Going VIP is worth it - why do you think they sell out so fast!?

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Official Guest Photos

Ethan Phillips (Nelixi: Star Trek Voyager), Halli Todd (Lal, Star Trek TNG) and Brent Spiner (Data: Star Trek TNG)

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Brent Spiner

Data from Star Trek TNG, and the Star Trek TNG Movies. Brent also played a number of other roles in the series.

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Halli Todd

Halli played Lal - Data's Daughter in the TNG episode of the same name. Only one episode, but its one that every trek fan knows and loves. Of Course, that isn't all she has done - but you had to be there to hear it all…

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Ethan Phillips

Our favourite cook and morale officer from Star Trek Voyager! Ethan basically spent the whole time on stage cracking everyone up with jokes and anecdotes from his time on Voyager.

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