First Contact Conventions: OzTrek II with Sir Patrick Stewart

Sir Patrick Stewart - Captain Jean-Luc Picard - Star Trek: The Next Generation, and MANY MANY other fantastic roles in stage and screen. This was a one day event in Melbourne (and Sydney)

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The VIP Cocktail Party

VIP ticket holders had a great time on Friday night with Sir Patrick Stewart. This was a WORLD FIRST event - he has never done a VIP function before this. So we can all feel quite chuffed!!

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Official Sir Patrick Stewart Photos

These are the photos I took of Sir Patrick prior to the official Photo session.

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The Convention - General Photos

We had all the usual one-day event goodies - meet-and-greet the guest, lucky prizes, competitions, the Auction…etc.

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Sir Patrick Stewart - Q&A

Sir Patrick on stage for an hour. Our only dlilemma is whether to let him continue talking for a few more hours, or do we want our autographs!???

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