An Evening with Jolene Blalock

First Contact Conventions presented a one off event for Australian Trek fans: an Evening with Joline Blalock (T'Pol on Enterprise, and Ishta on Stargate SG-1) on 29th November. We were very lucky that she was travelling in Australia and had spare time for an appearance - and with only three weeks notice too!

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The Convention

Being an evening event, the usual proceeding were truncated - so we focussed on getting photos with Jolene, her talk, and autographs (with a LOT of the latter being requested, and Jolene happily signed till quite late!)

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Jolene Blalock - on Stage

Jolene was taken ill at her last two scheduled appearances, so this may have been one of the first times she has done a Q&A. Can someone find out something specific here?

Whatever... she was a delight to talk to.

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Official Guest Photos

These are the official event shots of Jolene Blalock, taken during the main photo session.

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