First Contact Conventions - "The Other Side of the Gate"

A fantastic Sunday spent with Stargate Atlantis stars: Rachel Luttrell (Teyla Emmagan) and David Nykl (Dr Zelenka), and Stargate SG-1 star Tony Amendola (Master Bra'tac).

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The Convention

The convention followed the usual format - we introduced our guests in the morning, had a photo session where eveyone could purchase photos with the guest/s of their choice, then each guest gave a presentation through the day. Oh, and we had an auction as well.

VIP ticket holders had dinner with the guests that night (and then we partied on in the bar till all hours - Unhappily without the guests as most of them had early flights to catch…sigh)

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The Auction

The usual eclectic collection of memorabelia, autographs and other items of interest to Stargate fans!

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Our Guests

These are the official event photos of: Rachel Luttrell, David Nykl, and Tony Amendola.

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David Nykl

Dr Radek Zelenka on Stargate Atlantis. Its David's second visit to Australia, and he wasted no time last week - going to Darwin and catching the Ghan, then driving from Adelaide to Melbourne.

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Tony Amendola

Tony is a familiar visitor to many of us who trevelled to Sydney and Canberra for events in past years, but its his first trip to Melbourne.

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Rachael Luttrell

This is Rachael's first visit to Australia, and I hope she comes back many times in the future!!

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