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(Updated 3rd September 2014)

Photos from Creatures of the Night (Melbourne) are now online. The official photos with the guest can be found on Castle Photography.

This site is an archive of photos taken at all First Contact Conventions events since they started. All images on this site are freely available. At present, only small and large thumbnails are online. I intend to put better quality ones from recent events online once I've got all the new websites operational.

If you are interested in reprints of OFFICIAL photos with guests from these events these are still available for sale at Castle Photography as before.

If you like this site, you may find my others interesting too. They include: Pete's Fan Photos, Armageddon Photos, and Castle Photography

As you can tell, this site is pretty much a clone of my old layout. A complete overhaul will be done eventually to refresh the layout, presentation and indexing of all photos, but also to support downloading of hi-res copies of photos.

To contact me, send an email to: . Or ring anytime in the afternoon or evening on (+61 3) 9736 9568

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First Contact Conventions: OzTrek II with Sir Patrick Stewart

Sir Patrick Stewart - Captain Jean-Luc Picard - Star Trek: The Next Generation, and MANY MANY other fantastic roles in stage and screen. This was a one day event in Melbourne (and Sydney)

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First Contact Conventions: OzTrek with Levar Buton

Levar Buton - Geordie LaForge - Star Trek: The Next Generation. This was a one day event in Melbourne (and Sydney)

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First Contact Conventions: Doctor Downunder

Guests included: Peter Davison (the fifth Doctor) and Mark Strickson (Vislor Turlogh)

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An Afternoon with Tracey Scoggins

In May we spent an enjoyable afternoon with the lovely Tracey Scoggins (Babylon 5, Lois & Clark…), thanks to First Contact Conventions & Culture Shock Events.

Tracey and her mum had a great time in Australia, and we'd love to see her again.

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An Evening with Chris Judge and Gary Graham

Culture Shock Events presented "From Jaffa to Man" on Wednesday 23rd April in Melbourne, with guests: Chris Judge (Teal'c, Stargate SG-1) and Gary Graham (Ambassador Soval, Enterprise and Alien Nation).

Both of the guys had a wild time, and everyone enjoyed themselves thoroughly - if you weren't there you missed something really cool…

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Alan Ruck at the Astor Cinema and Geelong

You know him from Ferris Bueller's Day Off and many other films. You also know him from Spin City. In fact if you look through your DVD cabinet you might be suprised how many of your fave's he's played a part in...

Alan's visit to Melbourne was something of a whirlwind. Press appearances and interviews on Friday, Signings and Q&As all day at the Astor on Saturday (plus the showing of Star trek Generations and Ferris Bueller's Day Off), and a half day event at Geelong on Sunday to finish the weekend!

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Sylvester McCoy at the Dr Who Fan Club of Victoria

The first Dr Who convention in Melbourne for a long time! Guests included Sylvester McCoy - the 7th Doctor, and David Weston - Biroc in the 1981 Warriors' Gate Episodes.

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First Contact Conventions: Tok'ra - Tau'ri Summit!

With guests Don S Davis (General Hammond, Stargate Sg-1), and Carmen Argenziano (Jacob/Selmak, Stargate SG-1)

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An Evening with Jolene Blalock

First Contact Conventions presented a one off event for Australian Trek fans: an Evening with Joline Blalock (T'Pol on Enterprise, and Ishta on Stargate SG-1) on 29th November. We were very lucky that she was travelling in Australia and had spare time for an appearance - and with only three weeks notice too!

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First Contact Conventions - "The Other Side of the Gate"

A fantastic Sunday spent with Stargate Atlantis stars: Rachel Luttrell (Teyla Emmagan) and David Nykl (Dr Zelenka), and Stargate SG-1 star Tony Amendola (Master Bra'tac).

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